Group therapy is a form of counseling that involves one or more clinicians working with a group of clients.


Group focuses on skill building, exploring and processing emotions, acceptance, and validation within a safe environment. Facilitated by clinicians, group offers diversity and different perspectives from members sharing similar experiences, observing and imitating behaviors, and providing mutual support.

Psychoeducation differs from group therapy because it’s emphasis is on skill building, problem solving, and teaching members about skills or the diagnosis that brought them to group. ¬†Psychoeducational groups are typically led by a trained facilitator and not always a clinician.


Social Skills Group

Join us for a 6 week social skills group. This group will help your child learn problem-solving, communication skills, cooperation, how to make friends, and many more things through play-based activities. It’s great for children with ADHD and impulsive behaviors.

This fun learning experience is designed for children ages 9-12 and begins Wednesday, June 29th from 6:30p – 7:30p. Participation fee is $15 per child, per session. Pre-registration is required. Contact us to reserve your child’s spot!


Mindfulness Group for Children

Mindfulness is proven (Felver, et al., 2014) to help children with emotion regulation and cognitive focus. Kids will explore breathing exercises, songs, yoga poses and movement, and relaxation activities related to mindfulness.


  • Improve abilities to calm down when upset
  • Improve attention
  • Make better decisions
  • Increase optimism
  • Decrease bullying and aggression
  • Develop sense of love and well-being for self and others

Registration is required and space is limited. Participation fee is $15 per child per session. Call us¬†to reserve your child’s spot!


More to Come!

  • Parent Education Groups
  • Anger Management
  • LGBT+ Groups
  • Coping Skills Groups
  • DBT Skills Groups
  • Family Play and Literacy Groups